November 29, 2017
November 29, 2017
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PrO-Analytical Centrifuges, Built to last, these Centrifuges have strong construction yet, offer a sleek modern design that will fit into any modern laboratory.

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Welcome to the Future of Centrifuges

In the past, manufacturers have offered limited rotor availability to Centrifuges.


Not anymore.

Centurion Scientific Ltd are evolving the marketplace and have introduced Centrifuge Prime.


CR7000 Large Prime Centrifuge (2/3L)

CR7000. (230V 50/60Hz). 1.CR7000. (110V 60Hz)


Speed 500-15,000 Rpm (10 Rpm steps)
Rcf Max  22,000 G
Timer 0-99 Mins & Hold (30 sec steps)
Dimensions HWD 375 x 600 x 630mm
Weight 63.5 Kg (without rotor)
Power 750 Watts
Memory 10 programs
Accel rates 10 programs
Decel rates 10 programs


CR7000 Large Prime Centrifuge with Trolley

Bench Centrifuge or Bench Centrifuge with Trolley

True Flexibility

Bench Centrifuge or Bench Centrifuge with Trolley

Trolley available

Part number. XMFS
Total height 71 cm