October 24, 2017
October 24, 2017
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Systems with ultra-filter deliver ultrapure water that is RNase, DNase and DNA free with a dispense rate up to 1.8 l/min.

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The Ultra Clear® TP TWF EDI-Systems have a fixed and a flexible Dispenser to bring the water to your work. They supply the highest producible water quality for all critical test and research areas.​

Discover the new possibilities of our new process visualization – with a finger tap, all information at one glance.

  • ​​Glass Touchdisplay with generous 7” size and multi-color display for easy and fast operation
  • Easy to navigate by touching functional system components
  • New designed User-Interface
  • Graphic display of all main function
  • Use of SD cards and USB for data transfer

The Ultra Clear TP TWF EDI system is equipped with the necessary components to produce pure and ultrapure water directly from a municipal tap water source. The reverse osmosis unit has a recovery rate of > 30 % to conserve water.

The continuous electro-deionization (CEDI) stage has a flow rate of 20 l/h and purifies RO product water down to a quality up to 0.2 µS/cm (up to 16,6 MΩ-cm). CEDI product water can be drawn directly from the integrated storage tank. A polishing cartridge is provided that can obtain a water quality of 0.055 µS/cm (18,2 MΩ-cm) with a TOC-level up to 1-3 ppb (only in units with UV oxidation).

Systems with ultra-filter deliver ultrapure water that is RNase, DNase and DNA free with a dispense rate up to 1.8 l/min. The system water quality exceeds all reagent grade water quality standards including: ASTM Type 1, CLSI and ISO 3696 Type 1.

Various system options are available to fulfill all your lab needs. These options include an ultrafiltration module, UV-oxidization and TOC monitoring that can be tailored for any laboratory application in a single system. A built-in automatic flush cycle extends the life of the ultra-filter and helps reduce operating cost.

This compact system has been designed with all the required technical features to economically produce purified and ultrapure water. Performance of the system equals that of larger multi-component purification systems that cost more to purchase and operate. The system does it all from one compact unit.



Type II water specifications Value ​Ultra Clear TP TWF EDI UV TM Ultra Clear TP TWF EDI ​UV UF TM
Flow rate l/h 20 20
Conductivity µS/cm 0.2 0.2
​Bacteria cfu/ml​ ​<30 ​<30
Type I water specifications
Delivery flow rate l/min 1.8 1.8
Conductivity µS/cm 0.055 0.055
Resistivity MΩ-cm 18.2 18.2
TOC ppb 1-3 1-3
DNase, RNase, DNA free
Bacteria cfu/ml < 1 < 1
Endotoxins EU/ml < 0.001
Particles > 0.2 µm per ml < 1 < 1
Feed water specifications
Feed water pressure bar 0.1 – 5 0.1 – 5
Conductivity µS/cm < 2000 < 2000
Silt density index SDI <  3 <  3
Free chlorine mg/l <  0.5 <  0.5
Total iron mg/l <  0.1 <  0.1
TOC ppb < 50 < 50
Temperature °C 5 – 35 5 – 35
Shipping weight

UC TWF 30 l/60 l

kg 43 / 46 44 / 47
Power supply V/Hz 100-240/50-60 100-240/50-60
Dimensions 30 l   H x W x D mm 530 x 560 x 320 530 x 560 x 320
Dimensions 60 l   H x W x D mm 530 x 900 x 320 530 x 900 x 320
Item code

Ultra Clear™ TP TWF 30 l

W3T360177 W3T360178
Item code
Ultra Clear™ TP TWF 60 l
W3T360179 W3T360180



Catalog number Description Change frequency
W3T360439 ​Flexible Side Dispenser ​-
W3T199848 Conditioning module *
W3T197613 Pre-treatment module AMB 6 – 12 months
W3T197621 Pre-treatment module DTO 6 – 12 months
W3T197694 Polishing module MFIIID 6 – 12 months
W3T199853 Polishing module ILT 6 – 12 months
W2T526542 Sterile filter 0.1 µm 6 months
W3T199768 Disinfection kit (pack of 3)
W2T558521 UV replacement bulb 12 months
W3T197614 Ultrafiltration module 18 – 36 months
W3T197620 RO replacement module 10 l/h 2 – 3 years
W3T199197 CO2 Trap replacement cartridge 12 months
W2T558519 UV Submersible bulb 30 and 60 l tanks 12 months
W3T198007 EDI cell 20 l/h 4 – 5 years

* = Depends on feed water hardness and water consumption

* ​ASTM is a trademark of the American Society for Testing and Materials
* CLSI is a trademark of the Clinical Laboratory and Standard Institute
* ISO is a trademark of the International Organization for Standardization