Ice maker AF1156W
November 14, 2017
Ice maker AF1206W
November 14, 2017
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Ice maker AF1206A

These equipment are the most suitable to be used for a continuous and professional use thanks to the strong construction, the high quality components, the safe ice production and the accurate testing. Available in cube or flake version, air or water cooled and with a different daily production.

Informasi Pemesanan:

Telpon: (+62-21) 84304918 | (+62-21) 84304853


External Dimensions (W x D x H) cm 95 x 65,5 x 113
Structure and Insulation stainless steel inside and outside
Height adjustable Feet
Kind of ice flakes
Motor cooling air
Production Kg/24h (up to) 200
Bin capacity (kg) 60
Weight kg 77


Technical data


In accordance with 2014/30/CE, 2014/35/CE and following modifications
Package Strong Cardboard on wooden pallet
note Available also water cooled



Kit for Demineralized Water
60 Hz Frequency
115 V
Wooden crate Package