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November 27, 2017
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SNOL 3/320

This electric oven is designed for thermal treatment such as drying, heating, thermal testing, aging and similar purposes in an air-flow environment.

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Low temperature resistive electric oven SNOL 3/320 is a dry storage container intended for drying, dry storage or transportation of welding electrodes.


  • Maintains up to 10 kg of 45 cm electrodes;
  • 2 containers for electrodes storage are inside;
  • Temperature range + 60-+320 C, temperature is adjustable;
  • Exterior is treated and painted with a powder paint RAL 7035 (abrasion and corrosion resistant finish);
  • Durable Steel construction means long product life;
  • Oven is comfortable for transportation;
  • Fitted wheels and handle help to transport electric oven and place it to the right place in the work area;
  • Thermal insulating wool makes oven energy efficient, keeps electrodes hot and moisture-free.


Technical data Dimension  SNOL 3/320
Useful volume Liter 3
Rated power not more than kW 1.0
Rated supply voltage V 230
Rated frequency Hz 50
Number of phases 1
Rated temperature °C 320
Atmosphere in the chmber Air
Maximum heating- up time (without charge) Min. 15
Furnace working chamber dimensions:
width mm mm 100
length mm mm 500
height mm mm 125
Furnace external dimensions:
width mm mm 230
length mm mm 740
height mm mm 435
Weight kg 12