HortiCare pH Check (Nutrient pH test)
November 16, 2017
Senz TDS (0~1999ppm)
November 16, 2017
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pH is the measurement of acidity and alkalinity of water. The reading of pH7 is neutral, a reading higher than 7 is alkaline and lower is acidic.

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The HM3070 AquaCombo meter is specially designed for full portability, simplicity and ease of use which meets general environmental measurements. With a pH range of 2 to 12pH at a resolution of 0.1, Conductivity of up to 69mS, salinity up to 42ppt, Dissolved Oxygen level up to 30ppm and temperature of 0 to 60°C, the meter is ideally suitable for Aquaculture monitoring, open or closed water systems, environmental water checks, waste water control etc.

Calibration is made simple with 3point buffer recognition calibration for pH, single point calibration at a preferred Conductivity range and in-air calibration for Dissolved Oxygen.

This meter is robust and rugged with a waterproof rating at IP67 for usage in hash weather conditions. Regular 1meter cable probe for pH and conductivity and 3 meter cable probe for DO will meet most measuring situation. Meter is able to store up to 99 data memory on site. Now everyone, even site workers can operate this simple to use AquaCombo meter



Model: AquaCombo HM3070
Range 2.0~12.0pH 0~30ppm 0~69.9mS 0~42.0ppt 0~60.0 degree
Display Resolution 0.01 0.1ppm 0.1uS 0.1ppt 0.1degree
Accuracy ± 0.1pH ± 1ppm ± 2% FS ± 1% FS ± 0.5 degree
Operating Temperature 0 to 50 degree
Battery Type 6 x AAA size battery
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