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Welcome to PT. Maja Bintang Indonesia

Welcome to PT. Maja Bintang Indonesia

High Commitment

For keeping the best service commitment, except standardize internal after sales procedure, and enhance the training on after sales engineer, we make after sales engineer behavior principle in order to continuously improve our service satisfaction.

Fast And Precise Service

Our Express-Services are perfect if you need to rush parcels to domestic or international destinations, reaching more than 5 countries asean. Choose the best solution for you from a full range of additional services to choose from.


PT. Maja Bintang Indonesia Have Great Product (Agent / Distributor / Supplier for) GBC Scientific (AAS, UVVIS, ICP OES, ICP TOF MS, XRD, HPLC, Rheometer) SGE (Syringe/Liquid Handling, Consumable HPLC, Consumable GC) Photron (Lamp for Aas Lamp for Spectrometer, Graphite Tube) Sineo (Microwave Digestion, Microwave Syntetis Hot Block Digester) Evoqua (Labostar, Ultraclear, Protegra, Diionizer) BWB Technology (BWB Flame Photometer) Centurion (Pro Analytical Centrifuge, Pro Astm Centrifuge) Ewai (Gc Gcms Hplc, Ic) Proton Onsite (Zero Air, Nitrogen Generator Hydrogen Generator) Iul Instrument (Sample Preparation, Innoculation, Coloni Counter, Slide Staining, Air Sampling) Aijiren (Vial) Microlit (Micropippet, Bottle Top Dispenser Eburet) Fiochetti (Refrigerators, Freezers, Ice Makers, Mortuary) Transintrument (Ph Meter, Conductivity) Fungilab (Rotational Viscometer, Kinematic Viscometer) Ovan (Thermostated Bath, Sonic Bath, Hot Plate, Incubator, Shaker, Furnace, Oven, Refrigerated Bath, Floculator, Magnetic Stirrer, Freezer Refrigerator) Bel Engineering (Balance, Moisture, Optical Instrument) Snol (Furnace) Product.

We will achieve this by

We promise to stick to Our Quality, maintaining the highest ideals and never taking the easy way out. We will never compromise what is best for your experience and well-being, and will always be true to what we define as Technology. We are working with others in the industry — organizations and other companies — to join us and adopt The Best Quality in the interest of The Better World.

Continuously Optimize Our Customers Business Through Our World-class Solutions, Services And Products.

Fast And Precise Service.

High Commitment Of The After Sales Service.

Continuous Learning To Keep Abreast Of New Technologies.

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